Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Ahhh, virus!

So I'm blaming my current sniffles on Regan. She's a geneticist and had some horrible virus about a month ago and I think she captured it and mutated it and sent it to me through Haloscan. But that is just a theory.

My favorite part of being sick, aside from getting better and the lack of appetite, is those 5-10 glorious seconds when your stopped up nose switches nostrils and you can breath freely through both simultaneously. It's amazing and such a brief respite from an otherwise crappy cold.

I haven't bought any medicine/drugs yet. Maybe I will. We have some Tylenol Flu Nighttime but it didn't seem like a good idea to take that before work. Unless I worked in a mattress store and was going to be giving free demonstrations of what a great night sleep you could get on our merchandise.

Damn, it has been a while since I blogged last. Alot has happened since my last real post. Two weekends ago went to the Cherokee Trails Rally near the Ocoee River in Tennessee, which was the sight of the olympic kayaking events during the '96 ATL summer Olympics. That was a great time. Got to meet a bunch of drivers and see some wicked cars flying through the woods. I worked finish control for 4 stages, out of 12. Finish control is where the cars come through and hand us their time sheet and we write down their finishing time. Pretty straightforward, some drivers were nice, some quiet, some a little rude.

We had it set up so that there was a 200 yd stretch of road between where the finish line was and where the cars would stop and let us write down the times. And it was really cool seeing that flying finish. And the last stage we worked was at night, so we were blinded by those crazy rally pod lights. Like these
And only a couple of the drivers didn't turn them off while at control because those things are bright. You really can't look at them.

One guy told me that after driving with those, even with your brights on, it doesn't feel like there is enough light. Crazy.

I did get a flat tire driving through the woods trying to find a campsite. But got that fixed with a used tire from a local guy. Nice guy and it was really funny listening to his daughter translate what he was saying to my friend from PA.


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