Monday, February 07, 2005


Yay, my ebay stuff sold!

I cleared $47 for the bass effects pedal, somehow got $31 for those video games, and $465 for the bass guitar. Yay capitalism! Too bad I'm just going to spend that money instead of buying real estate or art. Reading about Maestra's Matisse that Switters wants reminded me that I'm too poor buy art. But at least they make prints. And they're just as good. (Yes I'll repeat that over and over to convince myself)

Let me regale you with the telling of my 2 latest dreams. I don't usually remember my dreams which I hear is a good thing meaning that I'm in crazy deep sleep. Or I wake up and remember my dream for about 5 seconds then it's gone.

But my Sat. night dream was: Antartica. I remember fighting for the covers with someone and losing but realizing that it really wasn't that cold. In Antartica. So I get up and go outside and lay down in the snow. It's clear, not much wind and beautifully white. Then as I'm laying there, a polar bear and her cubs stroll by, so I take out my camera and get a picture, thinking that Joan really likes polar bears and would greatly enjoy a picture of a mama and her cubs. And then i woke up.

Interpreting dreams to me, or at least interpreting my dreams, always seem so inconsequential and such a futile endeavor that I just take them at face value and enjoy them. I miss my flying dreams from when I was a kid though. Those were fun.

My dream from last night: I was in Birmingham at my grandparents house. My parents and brother and his girlfriend (who was either black or latin in my dream and doesn't exist in real life) are there also. I think I go to sleep and then wake up to discover that my Camry (like I would ever purposefully drive a Camry) is up on blocks. So I go find my dad and say 'What happened to my wheels?!?!?!?' He says that Bro's girlfriend needed them for a job interview and her truck has huge wheels and a lift kit on it, so to look presentable she took the wheels off my Camry and put them on her truck. So I go crazy, why did you do that, angry rant, angry rant. Then I remember something about her needing $100 for lab safety goggles to which I replied she can afford $2000 worth of tires and lift kits for her truck and not $100 goggles? (which is an exorbitant amount for lab goggles, fyi) And then i woke up.

Both very strange dreams, but normal dreams are boring.

And another NORML update for Connecticut peeps. Go here and contact your state senator:
  • CT NORML alert

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