Monday, February 21, 2005


Weekend O'rama

Joan had two friends from Orlando up this weekend visiting. They went to some parade thing at the Citadel and then came up here on Fri and left this morning. They're cool, I like most of Joan's friends. Some of them Joan doesn't really like and I share her sentiments.

I had my autocross Sat. from 9-5, mostly standing around waiting or watching cars race. But I did get 5 runs through a 50+ second course. Very cool and fun. Especially on the new wheels I got Friday morning, but that's a whole other story. Maybe tomorrow.

Two other friends were out, and another chem grad student who I don't really know but he's a car junkie so we at least have two common interests.

The one guy in the Beetle, it was his first autocross, he isn't a fast driver to begin with, but he did improve 1.5 seconds on his last run for a final of 57.68 sec.

Protege Boy improved by 1 second on his last run to end up with a 55.55.

I had consistent times in the 55.4-6 range, but finally got my time down to 54.03 on my last run. I was happy, but with I could've been trying to improve on my solid 54s and not my 55s. But it was a good day.

The other guy who has a Golf 1.8T and racing tires posted a best of 52.37, because damn those racing tires are sticky.

I think the best time of the day was a 48 something set by a silver M3 with a full autocross suspension setup. And race tires I presume, but never really looked. And a Z28 Camaro on racing tires almost beat it, he had low 49s and I think a high 48. There's nothing quite like that V8 rumble. I guess that's what NASCAR has going for it. That and beer, lots and lots of beer.

Then we went into downtown Greenville, future home of Jenn, who is linked to your left, and ate at the Blueridge Brewery. A microbrewery with good food and not so good beer. Then we tried to find a bar to drink. We usually go to Tassey's Tavern because they have those slushie boozy drinks and a few are made with Everclear. By far the cheapest way to get drunk in South Carolina. But they had some loser playing the guitar. Not that I hate the guitar, I love it in fact, but it's WAAAAAAY too loud, and he isn't very good.

So then we tried Wild Wings, great wings and they have a club type thing on top. Some bad was playing but they let two of us in, out of 8, and wouldn't let anyone else in. I'm assuming fire code, but we left and were going to go find another place when we passed a sign for The Bait Shack, $2.50 Vodka drinks and $2.50 Jim Beam. Ah, we found it. And they had karaoke which two of they guys we were with love, so extra super bonus.

So had a few cheap drinks there and wound down the night at Tiki Bob's. Depending on the DJ, they play good music and it's always loaded with interesting people mostly because it's the only "dance club" in downtown Greenville to the best of my knowledge, so all ethnic and socioeconomic groups are thrown together in this one place and needless to say, excellent people watching.

But here is the secret to having a good time at TB's. You need at least 4-6 people to accomplish this, but less is okay, you just wouldn't have as much room. There is a corner where the bar ends and the DJ booth starts that is just a corner that houses a giant Tiki god. But you can form a ring of people and have your own dancing/standing space without having to deal with people constantly pressing up against you. Occasionally someone sneaks into your circle, but usually to just order a drink and then they're gone. It is that secret to being comfortable and having a good time at Tiki Bob's.

Okay, the ebay/wheel drama is over, and I'll share later, but I gots work to do.


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