Friday, February 25, 2005


Too much drama in the LBC

So Jack is gone. Sid caught me up on the other blog shennanigans that have been going on. Damn, but I'm glad we have Se7en and Trash on the job. That is how you spell that right? With the 7?

Maybe Jack will publish a book. Or a blog that can only be read by password or invitation. Beats me, but I'm glad he kept his posts saved. That's alot of time and effort to just hit "DELETE".

I've had a few bites on the motorcycle front. I think the salvage title is scaring people. Crap. If only I could go back 3 years and tell myself to buy the Honda Rebel, this whole thing would've been avoided.

Right, one other thing I forgot to mention about last weekend: I had my first DUI stop! Woohoo! (Obviously I'm giving away the ending, but it was exciting)

So I'm driving along with 4 drunk people in Focus. I am DD and while I did not abstain completely, I only had 2 or 3 drinks and those were with dinner and at least 4 hours before I got behind the wheel. Driving along and remember that I need to feed a friend's cats in Anderson, so I get onto a road that connects 123 and 85. Very rarely do I see cops on this road, but very rarely do I travel it at 2:30 am.

So I get on 153 and there is a nice straight downhill and then a big uphill, so I goose it a little and get going about 70 in a 55. Then I see something shiny and reflecty in the median. Huh, so I take my foot off the gas (which is a very good reflex for most situations) then I see Sheriff written on the back. Whoops. So I slow down to the speed limit and pass him. Oh, so cops can have radar guns behind them too? Oh. I wasn't aware.

So I don't see any lights, but about 10 seconds after I pass him, I see two headlights pop up out of nowhere. Then he hits the blue ones. Crap. It's ok, relax, radio off, deep breath.
For the next section it's pretty much Cop. Me.
Where you headed tonight? To Anderson to feed a friend's cats, and then home. (Clemson)
You were going pretty fast back there. Well I was trying to get up speed for that hill. I only have this little 4-cylinder and there's 5 people in here.
Well you got up to speed and went way past it. I clocked you at 72 in a 55. (Damn, I need a radar detector. Badly)
License, registration, proof of insurance. Here ya go.
Would you mind stepping out of the car for a minute. Sure thing.
The reason I got you out is because there is a strong smell of alcohol coming from the car. Do you have any thing in the car. No sir. And the reason it smells of alcohol is because they're all drunk.
How much have you had to drink tonight. 2 drinks, a screwdriver with dinner and a beer. (Mostly true)
Something something, so how many mixed drinks have you had tonight? (I watch Cops, I know you're trying to trick me) Just the one sir.
I'm about to perform a field sobriety test. (So then he gives me the "follow my finger with your eyes." I do it just fine, no eye shaking at all. But I did shake a little on the 6th pass in front of my eyes. I think he just wanted to see something.)
Well, I can see you're not drunk. You're standing here still and talking to me. But you were going too fast. Wait here, lemme go talk to them and I'll be right back.
(waiting patiently, see another cop car pull up with two more sheriffs or deputies or something. Exchange pleasantries with the two new guys. Waiting.)
You can get back in the car now. I told them to hit you in the back of the head if you start speeding again. Wait here, I'll be right back.
(Drunken ramblings from passengers. Are you scared? What'd he say? I pulled my shirt down some to help you out. One of Joan's friends and thank God for boobies)
I'm just gonna give you a warning, and slow it down. Have a good night. Thank you Officer!

Ah, first DUI stop and first time pulled over in Focus. Phew, cashed in some karma with that. So I'm gonna go be nice to someone and build up my karma stores again.



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