Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Toast revisited

Everyone likes toast. It's simple, good and with the numerous toppings available, able to please the masses.

Personally, my favorite is cheese toast. I had it for breakfast. It is what it sounds like. Bread and cheese. That and a toaster over or conventional oven and you got yourself a healthy tasty nutritious breakfast.

And you can use any cheese. Any at all. I have used colby, mozzarella, monterey jack, cheddah (for all the New Englandahs), and on and on.

My one complaint is that there isn't a setting on my toaster oven to make my cheese toast to my exacting specifications. If you use toast, the bread gets too done on the bottom, and if you use broil, then the bottom isn't done at all. So my solution is this: A toast setting that switches over to broil for the last 45-60 seconds of the cook time.

This gives the cheese a nice blast of heat and, depending on the cheese, either finish melting it, or form a nice crust. Not burnt but crispy. Delicious. Seth, why don't you just turn the dial yourself when there is only a minute left on the timer?

Because dammit, this is America. And if there is one thing that my MTV soaked brain has taught me is that we care about convenience above all else. Okay money, but 2nd is convenience. I don't want to have to get up and turn the knob with one minute left. I want to turn the knob, go sit down, watch some Tivoed Futurama, and then once that bell dings, go in and find 2 of the most perfect pieces of cheese toast ever!

But that won't happen unless they make a programmable toaster oven of sorts, and that thing would cost a whole lot of money, and that's not what toast is about. It's a cheap easily prepared comfort food and if I have to get off my lazy ass and wait in front of the toaster for 45 seconds to get my perfect cheese toast, then by god, that's what's gonna happen.


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