Tuesday, February 01, 2005



  • Sex crazed blogger
  • had these quizzes up on her site. Very interesting.

    Sexual Record You're Most Likely to Break:

    Longest Semen Ejaculation

    Maybe you've been a big backed up of late...

    Or maybe you're just a powerful shooter

    Either way, you're set to break the 19 foot ejaculation world record

    What Sexual Record Will You Break?

    More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

    That would be awesome, but how would I measure it? I'm not pulling out every time, that's just crazy.

    Oh I had this thought in the shower, so pro-lifers, I assume, believe that life starts when the egg is fertilized. So wouldn't the two components of that equation be important also and need to be cared for? So where do pro-lifers stand on masturbation? Men fire billions upon billions of useful sperm into the ether everyday. I would assume that pro-lifers are against that, but don't really know. But female masturbation would be okay. No wasting of eggs there.


    Your Freaky Fetish Is Formicophilia!

    Otherwise known as, stimulation from crawly things.

    Usually worms, snails, snakes... on your most private areas

    Spread on the honey, to attract these slithering fiends

    For you, size truly does not matter.

    What's Your Freaky Fetish?

    More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

    Um, gross. Not even a little. Didn't even know this was a fetish really. So would they get to know you really well at the bait shop?

    I feel dirty, I'm gonna go take a shower.


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