Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Like looking in a mirror

Joan and I went to the Olive Garden last night courtesy of a Christmas present from her sister. Thank you Joan's sister.

For some reason we always get bad service. Last time our entire meal was comped. Last night our appetizer was free. So thank you to whatever company/corporation owns Olive Garden. I'm not complaining, the service was crappy, but the food is always pretty good.

So we got to talking about religious beliefs and how some people grow up with church and then leave it, me and Varla, some grow up "heathen" and then find the church, Joan's brother, and some never go and never will, um no example that I'm 100% on. But how my views and beliefs have morphed over the years and now don't really reflect what I was taught in my Southern Baptist upbringing, thank God.

Joan is confused by protestantisms denominations. And I am too really, but I keep telling her that it is usually over just a few points but at the core all Christians believe the same. I'll rehash my religious beliefs at another time or go archiving for my last post. And I don't know the difference between atheists and agnostics.

But on the way home we were still discussing things like that. Joan doesn't think that we should really find anymore cures for diseases. Like AIDS and things like that. Joan doesn't really like people. And I'm inclined to agree. There are almost too many people for the earth to support and our birth rates and death rates need some tweaking, either by science or nature.

On the other hand, I am a scientist. So any scientific advances, including modern medicines, I'm in favor of. So Joan asked if I was in favor of cloning. Absolutely. If I need a heart when I'm older, cook up a clone, put it in a age advancer, yank out its heart, give it to me, and throw that clone in the dumpster, or recycle it into other clones.

"So you don't believe in clone rights?," she inquired. No, hell no. It's a photocopy of me. I am me. Not the clone. If I didn't exist, the clone wouldn't exist. No clone rights, ever. Clones should serve a purpose, and once that purpose is done; should be disposed of. I guess painlessly but who cares? Clones don't have souls. They have feelings and emotions and thoughts, but they're MY feelings, emotions and thoughts and no dirty clone is gonna take those from me. And who doesn't like being unique?

But any fans of Calvin and Hobbes already now the benefits of cloning. Clone #1 goes to work for you. Clone #2 does the housework. Clone #3 washes the car, etc.... Until they gang up on you and lock you in a closet, or get you in trouble at school or work, those little bastards.

Guess I'll have to settle on a robot to help around the house. At least the robot won't get some friends together and gang up on me.


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