Friday, February 11, 2005


Destruction Derby

Joan is fine, the girl who got rear-ended (hehe) is fine, Tercel has a black eye and some bruises, Sentra has a messed up ass and is undriveable.

State Farm called her yesterday and that claims adjuster was sympathetic and understood what happened and that it wasn't Joan's fault, but there wasn't really anything they could do. She said that the hittee was claiming back and neck injuries so they're gonna come take some pictures of Tercel to prove that it wasn't that hard of an impact. She also said that Joan's insurance would only go up $50 for 6 months because she's a "preferred customer." Right. So for those keeping score at home, that's a slightly messed up car, $77 ticket (not sure how many points, maybe 2), and a temporary $50 insurance rate increase. Not bad for her first accident. Came out with barely a scratch on her.

Have you seen those new esuvee commercials? The ones where the guy is riding that big hairy thing and he's out of control, and then Joe Blow 2 gets up and buckles up and keeps it nice and controlled. Pat yourself on your back because you and I financed that. I'll link to the website later, but it's an ad campaign brought to us by the offices of the Attorney General and the Consumer Protection Agencies of all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and the USVI (US Virgin Islands). All of which are either federally or state funded organizations. But it's an ad campaign for all the SUV drivers to learn how to properly load their SUV (not too much weight on top, etc...) and how to drive them (no high speed maneuvers or high speed turns), which I suppose is important for public safety, but if you don't know these things, you shouldn't buy one or they should give you a mini lesson in this stuff at the car dealership. It reminds me of the movie Dave with Kevin Kline, a small town Iowan I believe, looks just like the president and has to pretend he is for a period of time. But he and his accountant friend, Charles Grodin, work up a new budget for the USA over milk and sandwiches one night. But a program he cuts was a program to reassure car buyers that they made the right choice by buying a car. That's like making a pizza commercial for me extohling the virtues of eating pizza. I already like pizza, I'm going to eat pizza again, I don't need the idiot box to tell me that.

But here is the website so you can judge for yourself and see if our tax dollars are being well spent on a worthwhile cause:
  • Esuvee-How do you ride?

  • And in more NORML news, jack look away, in the great state of Alabama, Rep. Laura Hall (D-Madison) will be introducing legislation next week (Thursday, February 17, 2005) to protect bonafide medical marijuana patients from criminal arrest and state prosecution. Madison is the county that Hunstville is in for anyone who cares.

    And also in Illinois:
    NORML is pleased to announce that House Bill 407, the Illinois "Medical
    Cannabis Act," is now being debated in the Illinois Legislature's Human
    Services Committee. This is the second straight year that your state
    elected officials have the opportunity to debate this vital issue. (Last
    year's bill failed to make it out of the House Health Care Availability
    and Access Committee.) Let's avoid a similar outcome this year. Now is the
    time to contact your state elected officials and urge them to stop
    arresting medicinal marijuana patients.

    To contact your state senators, please go here and click on your state:
  • Don't you want to be NORML?

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