Thursday, February 17, 2005


But I don't wanna walk over there

The campus recreation center underwent massive renovations a couple of years ago. All new racquetball courts, new pool, climbing wall, lots of random rooms, the works. And up until this semester, had lots of exit doors nice for leaving or letting in friends and family who didn't have student IDs. They apparently didn't like this community generosity and decided to install alarms on all exiting doors, or most of the exits.

The strange thing is that they aren't connected to anything but the alarm. It isn't a fire alarm, no cops show up, and it automatically goes off after about 10 minutes of very annoying high-pitched ringing. So what is to stop people from leaving through these doors? Society, or more specifically, thinking of your fellow man.

You've left, you're outside where you can't hear the alarm, so why do I care that it's going off? Because you're supposed to not want to subject your peers to the sound. That's it. So it's a social alarm, I suppose.

I did figure out a way to let Joan in, but won't share in fear that it will vanish and you don't need to know since none of you live in Clemson except for pj and he has an ID that will let him in, I think, not sure if faculty/staff have to pay for rec center priveleges or not. But I will tell you over a slightly more secure connection if you want.

The CEO of Rigaku is giving a seminar today and he spoke to our class this morning. Cool guy and he's a friend of our professor so he gave a little talk on the advances in X-ray instrumentation. And that is what Rigaku does, they make x-ray diffraction instruments for determining the structure of molecules. Very cool stuff. It's cool getting to see how the atoms bond in the crystals that you made. Speaking of which, I have to go make some more.


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