Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Attention Ebay junkies!

Apparently ebay is giving away $25,000 per day in some treasure hunt game they have. I so far have only wasted about 40 minutes looking for stuff.

Check it out here:
  • Ebay treasure hunt

  • The clues range from straightforward to insane. The last ones' clue was:
    King Arthur:reference to a past president

    Answer: Robert Goulet Begin to Love.

    Of course there are discussion boards for this thing and someone found that Robert Goulet was in a theatrical production of Camelot from 1992-94 and he played King Arthur.

    That one was a little vague.

    And if you're crazy and plan on trying to win $1,000, which would be pretty sweet, this guy has set up an auto-refreshing clues page so that you don't have to do it yourself. And don't bother trying to see the winning auctions, they take them down really fast.

    For tips this guy has the best:
  • Crazy ebay game tips

  • And the auto refreshing web page is:
  • 10 sec. auto refreshing clue page

  • So I'm gonna try and win some free cash, but I expect a small portion of your winnings if you win. Only like $5, a mere finder's fee. Not really, but you could buy me a drink at the next BlogCon.


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