Monday, January 17, 2005


Why oh why didn't I pick the BLUE pill?

Happy MLK Jr. Day! If you haven't visited one recently, I suggest making a trip to your nearest civil rights museum.

And a friend sent me this story:
  • Pentagon Spurned Plan to Initiate Enemy Homosexuality

  • I think this plan would've really helped all the anti-gay people with their argument of homosexuality is a disease, but I'm glad they didn't waste millions of our dollars trying to develop this "Gay" chemical cuz I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have worked. Just a hunch though.

    Guess who called me again this morning? Yep, my wonderful Joan. But this time is was a little before I left the house, so I wasn't that grumpy. Good sleep last night.

    So she calls and says Do you love me? Oh shit. She either wants something or did something. Of course I love you, what do you want? Do you really love me? Yes, really a whole lot. What?

    I scraped the car this morning. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! She says it isn't that bad. No paint or anything. I'm calling bullshit on that and going to have a look see.

    So I get over to Joan's place of employment and see my poor little Focus crouched in the corner with white paint making a nice line right in front of the driver's side fender and right behind it. I think she only bent the fender flare a little, so no big body repair, but DAMN she messed up the paint. So I'm gonna see what I can do with it tonight and am hoping that she'll be okay. But I did see in her manual/warranty card that her paint job is guaranteed for 12 months, soooooo I might be able to swing a new paintjob. There are stone chips and spots from those stupid berries that fall on our cars. And now this.

    So Joan's punishment is she can't drive Focus for 1 month. At all. EVER. I considered taking away her key, but if I'm a spaz and lock myself out, I'll need back-up. So she just can't drive it. It isn't like we don't have 2 other cars anyway. For a while. Until something happens with Saturn (Clio) like she's sold or runs away to join the circus.

    Yet another instance of someone furthering the stereotype that women can't drive. Way to go Joan!


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