Friday, January 21, 2005


What are yooou doing this weekend?

Wow, that's sounds great. Now shut up and listen to what I'm doing. (I love those people. "I can't wait until he stops talking so I can talk again.)

I'm going to the Sandblast Rally 2005. It is part of the Eastern States Rally Championship and is sanctioned by NASA. Not that NASA, the other NASA, National Auto Sports Association. It used to be sanctioned by the SCCA, but they're pansies and couldn't afford the insurance, so they got out of the rally business that they had been in for 30 years, but that's their choice.

But I was watching a video of last year's Sandblast and it looks really sandy. I saw some gravel but it was mostly sand, so of course then I was extremely jealous and wanted to drive in it instead of working it (hehehe, working it), but then was looking at the NASA requirements and it's a full roll cage and since I don't have money for a roll cage or the $400 entry fee, I'm watching and helping out and not driving. It's ok, there will be other rallies.

I have poor communication skills. I assume too much. I assume that people will read the website link I sent them and look around and see the schedule for workers over the weekend. And by assuming that, I assume that the other guy going with me knows that the schedule is to get to the Econolodge in Cheraw, SC at 8 pm for the workers meeting and then wake up and work the rally all day, and then sleep there Sat. night and come back Sun. morning. I assume too much and don't communicate enough. When I asked him what time he wanted to leave on Friday, he was taken aback. I thought we were leaving Saturday morning? Um, no. So apparently his plan was to leave at 4 in the morning from here, be outside all day and then drive back at 7 pm. Apparently I don't have speed in my blood cuz I need sleep. I have a bad habit of falling asleep at the wheel, so I guarantee that I would do some sleep-driving after a day like that. But he said that he doesn't have a problem with that and now we're taking his car too. So I'm not going to do much driving at all this weekend, but that's okay. I've driven down there before and it isn't the most exciting drive in the world. And now I can sleep and not die.

So think snow thoughts for tonight and tomorrow and pics will be up on Sunday.


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