Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts.

My apologies to Gene Wilder and anyone who knows what that quote really is, if it's wrong. I haven't seen that movie in a while, so I couldn't remember the exact wording. And I'm really looking forward to the remake.

I have about 25 pages left in The Photograph by Penelope Lively. For some reason, I keep forgetting that the book is set in England, not that it really matters, but I kept picturing these New England houses and locations and then someone would say Gloucestershire, and I would remember, but I'm over that now. I flipped through and saw "Conclusions" was the title for the last chapter and I'm hoping that the book is finished up nicely with a nice tidy bow and all my questions and concerns are addressed. I really like the nice little package stories, no plot holes and I have no nagging questions.

The most recent one I can recall was the movie, Garden State. Great story, but I wondered how his mom's necklace was lost. Was she buried with it? If so, who the hell dug it up? If she wasn't buried with it, how did it leave her possesion? I realize these are minor topics and that it was a story about the relationships between people, but I couldn't help notice that one little thing.

Another I remember, the exact opposite of "nice package" (hehehehe), was the movie "Suicide Club" a Japanese independent film which was, after some internet search looking for answers, apparently a commentary on the prevalence of suicide in the youth of Japan. But holy shit it made no sense at all. None. I wish they would put a little sticker on movies like that so I wouldn't expect any conclusions or any problems to be resolved and so I could sit back and appreciate the movie for what it is. Art. A piece of moving art that is visually appealing. And if I so desire, then I can research it and try to find what the director was trying to say, or I can try and find meaning from it myself. I just want a little warning, that's all.

As Catt noticed, I didn't post yesterday. Took the day off. Calm before the storm. Classes start tomorrow. I'm taking one class. Crystallography at 8-9:15 am Tues and Thurs. Yuck. I hate 8 am classes. Always have, always will. I had chemistry in high school at 8 am. First class of the day and I liked chemistry and the teacher, so I tried my damndest to stay awake and usually did, but guess what happened in the next class, Geometry? Yup, slept like it was my job. I barely remember anything that happened in that class. But luckily geometry was easy and I still pulled out an A or B. Sorry Mr. Rogers, nothing personal.


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