Wednesday, January 26, 2005


So he's against voting?

Lots of work today, so not much. But I did sell that Yashicaflex for $35.50 to a chemist in Michigan at Central Michigan Univ. Yay Chemistry!

But here are the links to my ebay auctions so you can see my profiency in html. And feel free to bid. These items would make great late/early Christmas presents.

  • Bass guitar

  • Bass effects pedal

  • A few PS1 games

  • Here are a couple more issues that I got via email from NORML. I subscribe to all state alerts because nothing ever happens on this front in the Bible Belt with the exception of the Sovereign Nation of Alabama, who is trying to tweek their sentencing because they see that their prison population is skyrocketing and it's mostly due to low level drug offenders. But I do appreciate South Carolina's efforts to counteract this too.

    In Alaska, a law passed in 1975 states that as protection of personal privacy, a person may have up to 4 ounces of marijuana in his house. But the governor now wants to overturn this law, which was appealed and upheld in 2003.

    And in Columbia, Missouri, where they voted to make marijuana possession the lowest law enforcement priority for the city, while also voting to protect Columbia's medical marijuana patients from arrest. As expected, the passage of these municipal laws has angered some of Missouri's most ardent drug warriors, including some politicians in State Legislature. Now one of those officials, Senator Chuck Gross (R - St. Charles), has introduced legislation to punish Columbia residents for exercising their right to vote for sensible marijuana policies.

    Senator Gross' bill would prohibit public schools from participating in sporting events that take place in cities that have deprioritized marijuana possession or that allow for medical marijuana. This is nothing more than a mean spirited attempt to punish the voters of Columbia for daring to challenge the drug war establishment, and to serve as a deterrent to other cities that might consider similar initiatives in the future.

    So once again, if you live in AK or MO and support NORML, then go here and contact your state senators.
  • AK and MO NORML alerts

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