Thursday, January 13, 2005


Nudity just for Catt

Whoa, I'm really not gonna post those pics I just found. But I'll link them. Just make sure you have a bucket nearby. Even after saying that, I know you're gonna go look.

  • Nudity

  • More Nudity

  • Really, really sorry about those but blame Catt. She asked for it.

    Anyway, the point of my grumpy post above, besides that I'm grumpy in the morning, was that I had a good post cooking in my head but that phone call really threw me off and I forgot.

    But April over at Riley's world asked her Question of the Week which was what was your worst job and what was your best job. I've never really had a "bad" job. I've had ones that sucked, like stock boy for Illuminations candle store. But I realized that jobs are a subject that I've never really broached. So I'll be doing that for the next few days if nothing better or more pertinent springs to mind.

    The first one I'll cover was my first "real" job. Working room service at the Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham, AL. That was the job I had the summer after my freshman year at college.

    But I have things to do, so I'll cover it tomorrow or later today.

    And if you resisted the urge to click on the links above, good for you; they're just pictures of some guys hairy asses. The second one is looks like thin fur.


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