Monday, January 17, 2005


Marooned off Vesta

That is the title of Asimov's first published short story. Pretty good. I'm still amazed at how well he writes the future considering he wrote from 1938 till the early 60's.

Joan and I were walking into the mall yesterday and we parked across from a Buick. Inside the car was an elderly couple. The man got out, straightened his jacket, got something from the backseat and walked towards the mall in front of Joan and I. I noticed it was a "Casual Corner" dress bag and assumed he was returning it. I also realized he was returning it for his wife who was waiting in the car that was still running. A few scenarios ran through my head as to why she was waiting in the car, but most of them made me sad, so I stopped thinking about them.

I'll stop now. Go read my quiz results. Please.


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