Monday, January 31, 2005


Killer Bees

So the horrible winter storm sort of materialized, but it warmed up Sun. night and it rained from early Sat. evening into early Sun. morning and all the ice melted. So pretty uneventful winter storm. I was really looking forward to sliding around on the ice Sun. Night too. In a Rubbermade storage unit, not in my car. Especially after getting pulled over in a parking lot by 2 sheriffs. Came out of freakin nowhere.

I had just taken Joan to work cuz I'm nice like that, and she had to be there at 3 but we arrived and were informed that the store was closing at 6 so she didn't need to be there. We shopped a little, then I wanted to do a little more sliding and general tomfoolery, so I chose the Old Navy parking lot. Big pretty empty, stores closed and not too many light posts. I do one nice slide and come to a stop and about 200 feet from me I see a sheriff creeping up. Fuck. So I stop and hop out. When he gets behind me, another one comes up too. He says what I'm doing is dangerous, what if I hit a car or a sign, I would get sued. He asks how old I am. 25. We were all 25 once. 3 cops standing there. Pretty sure 2 of them were no older than 25, but whatever. Then he tells me that I should go to a boat ramp to do that. Some have open parking lots above the ramp and some are relatively flat. Some are not. So he runs my license and plates, comes back clean thank you very much, and he lets me go. Yay!

So get home and then check my ebay auction. Poop. They cancelled my auction because of "search manipulation". I put "Not Fender Ibanez" in my auction title for my Carvin bass. I had seen these technique in other auctions and it works pretty well. I searched for Fender bass guitar and saw my bass. But apparently this is against ebay policy even though I see it alot. Fine, so I relisted it and it's doing okay again.

So I figured these 2 incidents were either small karmic backlash for something, or I was getting too high and they needed to knock me down. Either way I'm glad they were small karmic occurrences and nothing really major.


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