Thursday, January 27, 2005


Iron like a lion in Zion

I love Bob Marley's music and all raggae music. Is it the calypso drum? The smooth happy beats? Does it remind me of sitting on a beach? Whatever it is, it moves me. It's simple fun music and I think that's why I and millions other like it.

Joan gets home yesterday and tells me that one of her coworkers was at a Pro-Choice rally on Mon. and Tues. in DC and was at one last Sat. in Columbia, SC as well. That's awesome I say. To which Joan looks confused. Oh, I meant to say Pro-Life. Oh, well that's not as awesome. But is interesting. So I should bring up abortion next time I visit you at work? And I'm only half kidding.

I haven't had the nutty experiences that Sloth has had being an escort for the Planned Parenthood clinics, but her story are truly amazing. And very revolting.

Personally I don't think I could have an abortion, but that is very much a game time decision for me. And with all the contraceptives out there, I'm not planning on having to make that decision. But the way I look at it, there are already millions of malnourished and unwanted babies in this world, why do we want anymore? This planet can barely support the 5+ billion people on it as it is and I don't see the value of bringing more people on to it.

And I've never really discussed abortion with a pro-lifer. It should make for an interesting discussion. Yes I was raised Southern Baptist, but that topic is waaaaaaaay too taboo for a sermon. As is homosexuality.

I gotta go sell more goggles and labcoats.


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