Tuesday, January 18, 2005



So I realized this morning that Joan pushed the fender into the Focus' door and now it squeaks when the door opens. Or did. I pulled on the fender and it moved enough to not rub the door, but she scraped the paint off down to the metal in a few spots. It's small, I can't even see it from a few feet away, but damn is it there up close. So I might give one of those touch-up kits a try.

So I was bidding on some rims for my car on ebay. And I was top bidder but forgot about it and didn't check it until this morning. I had bid $275 and the item closed at $202. But I got an email saying that my bid had been cancelled. Whaaaa? So I sent them an email and if I don't hear from the seller in a few days then I will email ebay and ask them what's up. Weird.


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