Friday, January 07, 2005


Egami Rorrim

Think redrum for the title.

I watched I, Robot last night, and yes Isaac Asimov is rolling in his grave. Never read the book but the Evil One said it is completely different and I believe her. But it got me thinking about the future and technology and whatnot.

And Chicago is NOT going to look like that in 30 years. No fucking way. We barely have robots that can walk.

But they had cars that can drive themselves, which I think would only encourage people to drink more, but the bars could have waitresses with breathalyzers and only serve you if your BAC is less than 0.2% or something. Or we could have licenses to buy drugs and alcohol, or the stores would perform background checks on the customers before they are allowed to buy anything, and anyone with a history of violence would not be allowed to purchase it. Or it would be on the bottles.

But that is all just fantasy. The reality is we have to work within our current system and technological constraints. And I don't have a great solution. But I really think the ignitions with breathalyzers need to catch on.

Subject change:Joan always comments on how people who lived in the medieval ages or the 1800's are filthy and disgusting. True but they had no running water, so give them a break. And how she can't imagine how anyone had sex, which is also true. Imagine the smells during that but only if you're near a trash can or toilet. And that is why she is so thankful to be alive now. To which I counter, yes but you wouldn't know any better. It's not like she'd be walking down the muddy dirt road and say, Man I can't wait until they paved this thing. She would have no idea that she was super dirty and that those smells can be cleansed away and that the meat sitting out for 3 days should've been kept cold. But she seems to think that she would somehow know. Yes we like arguing over stupid things, but it's better than arguing over important things. But we do that too cuz you have to.

Angela sent me this link about Cannabis and driving. I haven't read through it yet, but I plan to this weekend or maybe this afternoon, but right now I have to go run some UV-Vis.
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