Thursday, January 06, 2005


Drop it like it's hot

We installed Eibach lowering springs on my friend's Subaru WRX last night. About a 1.3" drop in front and 1" in the back. Looks really good and should handle better once he gets it aligned. A relatively easy install really. I think the worst part was we mixed up the front struts and installed them on the wrong sides and had to remove the seats to get at the top of the back ones. Not bad at all. But it gets me jonesing for doing stuff to my car. But all in good time. I actually have to list my eBay stuff and I've decided to just list my kayak and a few other things locally. No newspapers, just flyers around campus and probably drop one off at the local outdoor store.

Two quick things that were spotted this morning:

  • Stupidest warning labels

  • My favorite is the thermometer one. Yuck.

  • Street racing gone bad

  • Be sure to scroll down below the pictures to get the whole story.

    If you all haven't checked out jack's blog recently, please do so.
  • jack's blog

  • He posted a story about how he was waiting at the airport, spotted a hippie with an 8 yr old in the car, tokin up before picking up his wife and then driving 6 hours to his destination. He alerted the airport police and they did nothing and an interesting discussion has taken place in the comment box. And hopefully this will encourage jack to do his "why marijuana is bad" post, which a few of us have been waiting on for a while. Ok, maybe just me, Vader and the Evil One, but I'm sure there are others.

    And I posed the question, because people were making statements about how awful it is to smoke and drive, which is very true, but I asked then if they were equally against alcohol since it also impairs driving and hurts others. So far only one person has responded that she is definitely against both.
  • Angela's blog

  • She shared the story of how drugs and alcohol tore apart her family and is definitely against alcohol as much as weed. And I am grateful to her for sharing and am deeply disturbed by what happened in her family and is happening in families all over this country.

    Then why don't we outlaw alcohol also? And anything else that is harmful to us and others? Because it wouldn't work. People want to get fucked up, and they're going to, whether we want them to or not. That is why I feel our money is better targeted toward education, prevention and treatment of those social sicknesses rather than try and stop them all together, which Prohibition and the past 40 years have shown us, our current methods are not working. Even a little. But I do think that kids are smoking less, which is wonderful and give props to the government for making the tobacco companies sponsor educational and informational campaigns against their product.

    People would still smoke if we did what Dennis Leary suggested. Put them in black boxes with skulls on them, call them cancer sticks, have HUGE letters "YOU WILL DIE IF YOU SMOKE THESE!" And people would still smoke. Why? Because they want to. And dammit, this is America, if you want to smoke a carton a day, eat nothing but McDonalds, you can. And if you pay taxes, all the better.

    So I think the solution, or at least a better way to go about all this, is to educate people and treat people who want to be treated for their sicknesses. Because the first step of rehab is after all, realizing that you have a problem and admitting it.

    And we really need to develop those ignitions with the breathalyzers on them. And maybe add a blood test to it too. That would be a great day.


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