Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Dakar 2005

I also realized that the Dakar rally is going on as I type this. From the overwhelming response I got with my WRC post yesterday, I can tell that my readers share my interest. Okay, maybe 1 other person does, but my blog yada yada yada.

The Dakar rally is a race from Barcelona, Spain to Dakar, Senegal in Africa and through the desert. Yep the Sahara desert. Check the route out.
That is one crazy race my friend. I watched last year and guys were crying, bleeding, yelling and generally completely breaking down emotionally, physically and psychologically. It's 16 days of GPS navigating through Iberia and Western Africa. And they do this on motorcycles, dune buggies, cars and big trucks, kinda like small semis.

But for the NASCAR fans, Robby Gordon was leading for a while and is still near the top somewhere. And Colin McRae, of WRC fame, is currently leading the race, but they're only on day 5 or 6 so anything could happen.

And for anyone in this country that wants to watch it live on TV, good luck. I'm sure some European stations are carrying it, but we have to wait until Jan. 22nd and watch it on OLN, so I think I'm going to stop looking at updates and try and avoid seeing who wins, not that I wouldn't watch/TiVo the race anyway.

Back later with a more general interest post.


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