Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Black Tuesday

We're still in mourning over our tragic loss, but his grave is close so we can still visit whenever we need to.

Oh, Smoove D, the camera I have is a Yashicaflex and not a Leicaflex. Whoops, sorry to get your hopes up. But I'm taking pics of my eBay stuff today and I'll hopefully have most of the auctions up by tonight and I'll provide links so you can see what kind of crap I'm trying to load off onto people. But some of it isn't crap, I just don't use it anymore. Like my Carvin bass guitar. It's so pretty and deserves to be played, not stored under a bed. Still not sure if I'm going to put my kayak up on eBay or just try to sell it here at school. We'll see. I think I'll look at some other kayak auctions and make my mind up after that.

The university is officially open today, which means everyone is supposed to be here for work. Of course most grad students never left, so it just means there advisors now have to be here. A friend of mine told me that he is going to graduate this August. We got into grad school here at the same time. And he's getting out in 4 years and a summer. Pretty fucking sweet if you ask me. And yes I'm jealous, but he didn't switch groups and his advisor is by far one of the coolest in the department. But it gives me a good kick in the pants to start the new year with, and with that, I'm back to work!

But I might drop in later....


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