Wednesday, December 22, 2004



I think Joan's getting pissed that I haven't thought of her present for this year's Christmas. Mwahahahaha, but soon my plan will unfurl. I'm going somewhere to get her present or presents. She occasionally reads this, so no details until after it is delivered. So I'm taking off this afternoon from work so I can a)go buy presents, b)clean the house (dishes, fold one load of clothes, and clear off the coffee table) c)bake cookies, roughly 2-3 dozen, for Christmas presents to my aunts and uncles.

Got my little brother, he's 17 months younger than I, a Lorax t-shirt, as in Dr. Seuss, my only cousin (yep, just one, I have some step cousins and some second cousins, but only one true cousin) a gift card to Sam Goody, paternal G'ma sandalwood votives and holders (that's what she wanted, apparently sandalwood is a hard candle to track down), and no idea yet for maternal G'rents.

I would never call Grandma by G'ma, but I have heard of people using that. I'm sure you guys have some weird family names, either nick or first, but everyone has them. My maternal grandparents are Papa and Bama. Don't know why he's Papa, but Bama has been the "grandmother" name in my mom's family for a while, so we continued it. Don't know if my possible kids will call my mom "Bama", but it's possible.

Woohoo, get ready for some ranting. So remember how our phones don't work? Well, we called Bellsouth to just make sure that the phone was working from their end. In fact, I don't even remember asking for someone to come take a look at it. But they sent someone anyway cuz he called and said that it's something inside and they would need to go inside to fix it. Whatever, 1 phone jack works and that's all we really need for now. Then we got the phone bill in the mail yesterday. Our local was $100. Normally it's $15 or $19, so I flipped through. We got charged 85 fucking dollars fo some guy to come to the outside of my house, presumably open that little box, plug something in, and leave. $85, for 5 minutes worth of work that I didn't even want. Well you're not getting away with that you sons and bitches of bitches. So I have to call them and tell them that I in no way shape or form wanted them to make a service call, and therefore they need to take that off my bill. Fuckers. I can't wait until I can do away with a landline. Granted I have cell service from those same fuckers, but cell phones are easier. And free if you don't want anything fancy. And they get very few telemarketing calls. And you can take them everywhere. Yes I'm addicted to my cell phone. I need to get better about my cell phone manners though. I'm of the camp that if it's a casual setting, it's like your home phone. If you were at home, you would answer the phone if there were guests around, so I do it around people. But I try and keep it quick and painless as possible. And no annoying rings. I love vibrate. For many reasons. Someone needs to invent the crotch cell phone holder cuz where are you going to feel vibrating the most? Leg, maybe. Arm, perhaps. Crotch, ding ding ding ding ding!

Off to do some work and some bitchin' and some shopping.

Either today or tomorrow will be my last post before Christmas, so enjoy the holidays and peace be with you and your family.

Also saw this piece on the founder of Red Bull:
  • Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of Red Bull

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