Monday, December 13, 2004


Silvia Platt

Top two S15 Nissan Silvias and bottom two are S14 Silvias. We kind of got these cars. Different engine, different body, but I think the chassis (what's the plural of chassis?) are the same. And the Japanese engines fit in ours ever so nicely. Rear wheel drive, turbocharger, two ingredients for fun.

So this weekend was okay. Mostly did laundry. Really. I think I did around 6 or 7. I know that isn't alot for you with families, but that was for 2 people. Did the dishes too. Joan's ramen juice from last weekend, which of course had festered, smelled quite lovely. It smelled worse than the milk that expired on Dec. 5, but that was in the fridge. Come on, it's only over by a week. I know you've had some milk that hid in there for at least a month.

Friday night, got drunk, lost my jacket and my pedometer, so I hope there just at my friend's house and I can go get them. My jacket was crappy from Old Navy, but it's my only light jacket. Or the only jacket you really need for southern winters. And my pedometer is okay, I think I can get another one, and I pretty much can guesstimate how far I've been walking. I'm doing okay, my low so far is around 6000 and my high is 17000. But 8-10 is about where I am, so I'm in good shape, hopefully getting in better shape. Walked halfway to school, up my hill and then waited on the CAT bus, Clemson's mass transit system, and it actually goes pretty far. But they've started holiday hours so it only swings by the house on the hour, so my perfect for me 8:30 bus isn't going to happen, and I feel like a slacker coming in at 9:15, so I'm gonna have to lose a little more sleep. Bleh. But only 2 weeks till Christmas, so I can make. We all can.

And if you want some nice boob shots.
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  • And search for Silvia and/or Sylvia. And probably any other female name, and probably male name too. Enjoy.


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