Thursday, December 09, 2004



Sorry for the disease titles, but I'm drawing a blank for titles. I think my creative energy is being stifled by this test.

I remembered an instance this morning when I used the term "crackhead" around someone without thinking. Occasionally I use "crackhead" lovingly to indicate that someone is a spaz or forgetful or acting crazy and hyper, not that they steal things to support their crack habit. My friends know this and think nothing of it, but I stopped using it (I cycle through words and phrases alot) and I don't think they mind.

But I said "My roommate is a crackhead." And my friend, nice guy but he needs to stop using drugs, said Really? and his eyes got all big, like Shit man that's a serious problem. So I then explained, No he's not really, he's just kind of crazy and moody. Then I reflected on that situation and realized that it comes down to word association. Depending on your education, upbringing, or current situation in life, words bring on different toughts. Yes this is obvious, but sometimes we forget. I am completely drawing a blank on some good examples, but they're out there and next time I hear one, I'll make a mental note.

On, saw that some guy with a gun stormed the stage at a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio last night, killing 4 and injuring others before shot by the police, actually it looks like it was one cop from witness accounts, so Nice shootin' Tex. Keep up the good work officer.

But one of the people that died was Dimebag Darrell Abbott, former guitarist for Pantera. His brother Vinnie Paul, ex Pantera drummer, was also shot but I believe he's okay. My condolences to the Abbott family and Damageplan/Pantera fans worldwide.
  • Gunman storms stage, kills 4 at Ohio nightclub

  • Dimebag Darrell, RIP


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