Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Proud member since 2002ish

I love the suffix "ish". It's such a nice suffix. It's so indefinite. I'll be there at 4ish. That could mean 4:30, 6, 12, but as long as you arrive there, you got there at 4ish. Obviously I take some extreme liberties with my ishes, but they're mine and I'll use them how I please.

From the
  • Wonderful World of Catt
  • came this question: What is REI?

  • REI

  • REI, Recreational Equipment Inc., is my personal favorite for greatest outdoor store ever. The employees are all outdoorsy people, be it kayakers, cyclists, rock climbers, campers, ultimate frizbee players, or bears. They are nice and pleasant people and care about you, the environment, and their stock. This is all from my experiences at the store and if you've had a bad experience, I'm sorry. They stock quality merchandise and while pricey, generally stands the test of time.

    There are many great outdoor stores, but the largest one that still has that "general store feel" that
  • jack, on Dec. 17th
  • discussed. And they have people devoted to each section, so Mr. Bicycle isn't advising you on which climbing rope is best for you, but he probably could anyway.

    And they have amazing scratch and dent sales. And for any ATL peeps who are members, their scratch and dent is coming up on the 31st, 1st, and 2nd at their ATL, Perimeter, and Buford stores respectively. I'm going to the one on the 2nd cuz it's at least 45 minutes closer to my house.

    The sad part about my love is that they do not yet have stores in AL or SC. But
  • Alabama Outdoors
  • covered my camping needs very nicely and highly recommend them to any AL folks. There is one store in Clemson, and it's okay. Small building, waaaaaaaaaay too overpriced, but nice guys and I think there's enough rich outdoorsy Clemson students to keep them in business, so I don't feel bad for not shopping there.

    And if you feel that REI is still overpriced, they have
  • REI Outlet.com
  • which is their online clearing house and you can get some really good deals.

    But if you don't do anything outdoorsy, they still have really warm clothing.

    Oh, I'm going to be listing alot of stuff on Ebay, probably beginning of Jan. or maybe late Dec., so I'll let you guys know and you can buy Grade A Seth junk! Currently I'm going to be listing:
    a) Carvin 4-string bass guitar, quilted blue, very pretty, barely used and includes hard shell case and any other bass-related items I have laying around.
    b) Perception Dancer kayak, red, very used but still works great (no leaks), life vest (used once), paddle, helmet, and 2 buoyancy bags for when you have to bail.
    c) Hamster cage, 3 cages total, one 3 level and 2 one levels and lots of tubing, hamster balls, and chew toys.
    d) Leicaflex medium format camera, leather case, works great

    I'm making the list more for myself, just to keep everything straight, but if you see something you want, lemme know and I'll save it for you. And I don't want to ship the kayak, but if someone wants to pay for shipping that, then yay for UPS.

    Ok, back to crystals.


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