Friday, December 03, 2004


On the road again

I'm going camping tomorrow. The other camping buddies are going up the Georgia today and I'll meet them tomorrow, hopefully around lunch time. It's a 3 hour drive, and about a 3 hour hike in. We've done it before, but it's still a bear of a hike. I think I mentioned it before but it's a 600 foot elevation change. Woohoo! And holy shit it's gonna be chilly. But I'm prepared, I don't mind "cold" weather as long as I have some warm clothes and a fire. If anyone wants to join us, or sees hikers missing in Northeast Georgia, we're going to be near Cisco, GA and I can't remember the name of the trail, but I'll tell Joan before we leave. Safety first.

So I did some rough calculations, and some visual estimating, and determined that from the driveway to our turn is 3/10 of a mile. Which is 1584 ft. That's alot more than my first estimate, about 3 times as much. Regardless, so Cop accelerates to 60 in 6 seconds (very generous acceleration time) and also assume he was going about 10 mph after turning onto the road, so for while he accelerated to 60, he covered 308 ft. Joan going 40 in that same time would have traveled 352 ft. or doing 60, 528 ft. Fairly different numbers. Okay, now I need to ask Joan where he caught up to her, and if it's near our turn, then she really was going that fast, or I grossly overestimated the Caprice's accelerating abilities. Go Physics!

My grandfolks are going to be in town tonight. That should be okay. I think they're getting here around 3 or so, but I'm not done with school until at least 5, so then I'm gonna go over to the Days Inn and go out to eat with them. Still not sure where I want to go yet. I'll figure it out later. So dinner and then either back to my place and give them the tour or back to the hotel and hang out there till 8 or 9, aka their bedtime, then go home, maybe clean, maybe video games, definitely pack, sleep, wake up at 4 am, shower, drive, camping groceries, park, pack my pack, hike, sweat, drink water, take some pictures, arrive, nap. Sounds awesome.


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