Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Mini van O'rama

Went down to meet with a professor at Lander University in Greenwood, SC yesterday. The meet was about health insurance. Very cool lady, but she did what we're trying to do, namely get Clemson to pay for some of our health insurance. She gave us some good info and good ideas on what to do next and she also gave us a great reality check. It's gonna be hard work. You're gonna piss some people off. But it'll be worth it. Okay, but I still have to keep in mind that I'm trying to get done with my research and to focus on that and be a social vigilante second.

But we drove the grad school's minivan. Sweet ride. Power locks, dual sliding doors, and that's about it. Oh, tilt steering wheel. Fancy. But I drove there and back. I love cars and therefore driving, especially something like this i.e. field trip/road trip. It's always fun and lots of good conversation cuz we hardly ever talk about non-health insurance stuff or classwork in our meetings, so some quality chat time was nice. One girl has a bright green macaw. Named Alex. Joan is also a bird person. And by telling me that they are loud, messy, and require lots of attention, I am NOT a bird person. But I'd be willing to give it a shot. Joan said there are birds that aren't that loud and screechy.

So I drove because I didn't not want to drive. No one else wanted to drive, and my indifference toward it allocated me into the slot of "driver". A few missed turns an a few U-turns later we arrived. And had our meeting in a church that has been converted into a coffee shop. Still smelled like a church too. That old musty moldy basement smell, mixed with coffee and pastry aromas. Luckily the musty smell was only noticeable near the door. But a very neat place. And once Armageddon comes, or Christians lose all faith, there will be lots of churches for sale. I definitely would not mind buying one and either setting up a small coffee shop or bakery in one. Very cool idea. I'm not saying Christians will lose their faith, but maybe in the Church. Just saying it's possible and there are tons of churches, so even a little tinge of lost faith would free up some property. And yes, I could do the same with a synagogue or mosque or temple.

Been doing okay on my steps. Averaging around 9,000 steps/day or about 4.5 miles. I know for people in cities, that's nothing, but living in the boondocks very few activities or destinations are conducive to walking.


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