Wednesday, December 01, 2004


LA face with an Oakland booty

So Joan is in court this morning. Why? Well, you should be sensing a theme to our court appearances, but it's another speeding ticket. I think a bitched about it a while back, but this morning is the court date. She asked if the cop might not show up. Nope, in a little podunk town like this, they got nothing better to do. So she is going to be sweet and apologetic and might get it reduced from a $440/6 pt bomber to a smaller offense hopefully. I also wanted her to ask how he knows that she was doing 60, which I still do not think she was doing, but it's still possible.

Yesterday I was out at Clemson's Research Park where they just built a brand spankin new building and have some new instruments that we are planning on using. I went for a training session on the new Haribo Jobin Yvon Flourolog 3. Not a bad way to drop 180 grand, but apparently something is out of whack. We spent about 4 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the thing. The guy from the company was there doing the training and he couldn't pinpoint the problem, so they're scheduling a service call and another training session. Crap. I was looking forward to having some kick ass data.

I have my Black Friday pics in my pocket in CD form, so I'm gonna go put them up on my Clemson website in about an hour or so and then I'll post some on here, my faves for various reasons. I know I said that I took 300 pics, well I whittled those down to 97, so there are still alot of pictures. I'm planning on numbering them and either adding a comment or title to the picture to facilitate discussion and/or comments. And if you see one that you would like, feel free to save it or tell me and I can email you a copy. And yes there are some good ass shots. Or assy shots for the Evil One.


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