Friday, December 31, 2004



So I went shopping the other day. Tuesday I think. Lowe's and Wal-Mart. I know, corporations bad, but if you can't beat 'em, buy shit from 'em. But it was only little things.

Our toilet has been running a little extra. I think it's leaking around the top, so I went and got a new one of those things. It's actually called a ballcock. Who says plumbers don't have a sense of humor? So $5.81 later I get home and realize that I purchased a ballcock that needs a float ball and our old ballcock doesn't have one. The old ballcock's float ball is around the shaft of the ballcock. So I go to Wally World and try to buy a float ball for my new ballcock. No dice. Walmart only has floatball-less ballcocks. And it's after 9 pm, so I wait a night and go back to Lowe's and get my 98 cent float ball. Ballcock.

But the actual point of this post is that my faith in humanity was slightly restored. Ever so slightly. I checked out of the contractor line at Lowe's. The guy in front of me had a big sled/shopping cart thing full of wood, insulation and other housebuilding/fixing items. He sees that I'm just holding one item, my ballcock coincidentally. So he says Go ahead. Wow, that was really being aware of your surroundings and considerate of your fellow shopper. Thanks Anderson contractor. So I thank him. Make my 45 second transaction and I'm on my way, a good 5 minutes ahead on my day. Then at Wal mart I had the ingenious idea to use those bright orange floating balls that are attached to the hook and bait for fishing. Bobbers I believe they're called. Didn't work even a little, but as I'm checking out with my one package of two bright orange balls, the gentleman ahead of me, also aware of his surroundings and considerate of his fellow shopper, lets me in front of him in line. I thank him and see that he has a full cart of groceries. Thanks, and $1.01 in exact change and 30 seconds later, once again I embark a store ahead in time.

To those two gentlemen, my sincere thanks and well wishes to you and yours.

Today's post brought to you by the phrase "double entendre."

Happy New Year's! Hope you all have DDs, cabs, piggy back rides, or horse drawn carriage lined up for your trip home.

And for anyone buried in snow, the high here yesterday was 65 degrees and the low was around 45. Global warming is a bitch huh? But you'll get the last laugh when the highs reach 120 during the summer and you're enjoying 80 degree weather.

And please keep the families of the thousands dead in Indonesia in your thoughts. And I just saw on CNN that we're increasing our aid to them from $35 million to $350 million. So our taxes are doing what they can but if you feel compelled to do more, check these out:

  • CNN Tsunami aid sites

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