Monday, December 06, 2004


Glad it's raining today

Camping was a blast. Good friends, good (camp) food, good sleep, awesome view, great fire. I missed a turn on the gravel road in the woods and somehow popped out the other side of the state park. Whoops, but I knew where I was and remember Tim saying something about a bridge and I remember seeing a bridge so I back-tracked and sho' 'nuff that's the turn I missed. So I actually got to the forest around 9:45 but didn't get to their campsite until about 11 am. Oh well, no biggie.

But on a seperate note, I love driving on gravel. LOVE IT. It's a little scary the first few times your (car's) ass starts slinging around, but once you learn it and learn to countersteer, it's a whole lotta fun. And it helps if you have a car made of plastic, with sheetmetal glued to the roof, broken odometer, and is worth maybe $800 tops. But I love my Saturn, oh yes I do.

So we hike in, one guy almost passes out cuz he's wearing thermal underwear and shirt and the high is around 55. So we stop, he gets naked (not really), and we keep going. We get to the look-out near the final descent on the trail and take a break, few pictures, some munchies, then throw our stuff on and set off to drop the final 400 ft. to the river and our campsite. But we see some rangers making their way out with saws, the big 2 person lumberjack saws, and stop and chat. He proceeds to tell us that the river flooded to about shoulder height, and considering that the river was about 2-3 feet below our campsite, that's alot of damn water, and he tells us that he didn't even recognize it. The water uprooted trees and the trail that runs along the river is barely perceptible. Well crap, we don't want to hike down there and sleep on wet ground and not be able to find firewood or spots for our tents, so we just hiked up a little bit on the ridge above the river and camped there. We were a little exposed so the wind was quite nipply coming off that mountain, but if you were on the other side of the fire, it was lovely.

Fell asleep to the sound of Jack's river and woke up at 8 am to a sun that was just peeking over the far mountain. I blame the fact that we were in a valley on the fact that the sunset and sunrise were less than spectacular, or it just might be the lack of noxious fumes and chemicals in the air, take your pick. Got up, made a fire, had some hot apple cider, then we made breakfast of sausage and pancakes and hiked out. Excellent trip and we're planning on going again in January. Anyone is more than welcome to come. And we need to plan a couples camping trip. I know Joan wants to go and Tim's wife does too. So far it's been only testosterony trips and we need some estrogen in there too.

And if anyone in the Southeast wants to spectate some real racing, there is a rally held in Cheraw, South Carolina. Sandblast Rally, but I'm gonna link it and am planning on being a rally worker cuz this is a real sanctioned rally so full cage and fire extinguishing system are both required. But it's going to be sick.

And no more math talk, I swear.


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