Thursday, December 23, 2004


Fine, no crotch phone

  • The Evil One
  • brought up a good point about no one wanting to use my crotch phone, which isn't a bad thing, and that even if there's a small chance that cell phones cause cancer, I would rather have leg cancer over testicular cancer. Pretty sure John Kruk, Tom Green and Lance "Livestrong" Armstrong would agree. All ball cancer survivors.

    Once again at work, but I'm leaving at noon like I did yesterday. Gotta clean a little. Did dishes and some laundry last night. Just one load left and then the coffee table/living room to straighten. Then pack.

    Joan was Lil' Ms. Cranky Pants last night. She's been working alot, which she hates and she will continue to hate until I get a job good enough to support her and my extravagances, mostly cheeses and burritos. And she's covering another ladies' work cuz she is driving from here, Clemson, SC to Who knows where, Canada, about 3 hours north of Toronto. She's from South Africa so maybe she doesn't understand how far it is, or maybe she's enjoying the Great American/Canadian Road Trip. I think it's the latter. And what she does is very important and takes a while, so Joan has to do some of her own work and then South Africa's work too. And then she has to come home and pack. And then go visit my family which she is none too excited about. It's not that she hates my family, says Joan, they're just boring and they don't make good food. But that's not the point is it? It's the holidays and you are supposed to spend it with your family. Because they're your family and you can turn to them whenever you're in trouble or need some encouragement.

    So I made cookies, chocolate chip Nestle Tollhouse recipe, last night. That is the last time that I make cookies without a Kitchen-Aid. Seriously. I think my forearms are still burning from all that stirring. And there is lots of other wonderful stuff that you can make with a mixer. I would really like to try my hand at bread baking and making other doughs. I know I don't need a mixer to try it, but it makes it so much easier. But I'll have one some day, and I'll have a real kitchen with an island also. And hanging pots and herbs on the windowsill. Really all I want in my house is a nice bedroom with a super comfy bed, living room with TV and speakers, maybe a hidden TV to make it look nicer, awesome kitchen, big bathroom and a very large garage. I never want a really big house. Mostly I don't want to clean it and Joan doesn't want to clean it.

    Still not quite sure what I'm doing for New Years. I've been to Times Square twice. 1999-2000 and 2000-2001. Very cool and definitely a good experience, but I had to drive back to PA after both times, which SUCKED. ALOT. So I suggest having a place to stay somewhere within 2 hours or so of NYC cuz driving 4 hours after partying and standing around all day is not a good idea. So after those Eves, I have pretty low expectations for New Years. But last year kicked ass. Went to a show at a local bar and they rocked. 80's cover band. Excellent. But don't know what's going on this year. Maybe Greenville. Maybe ATL. Maybe nothing. But we'll get it figured out and we'll have a good time regardless.

    So Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, Merry December, or Merry Time Off From Work. Or Happy Saturday if none of those apply.

    Oh yeah, and to rub in the fact that it's snowing like a bitch and is colder than a witches teat, it's 61 degrees today in South Kakalakie. Yup 61. And a slight drizzle. Seriously, check out our forecast. It's crazy.
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