Monday, December 20, 2004


Fear and Loathing in South Carolina

So I'm not going to do a "hate" post. Those feelings were brought on by a vehicle. Not just any vehicle. And not the typical fuel guzzling behemoth that this pseudo-tree hugger is supposed to hate. I saw a Pontiac Aztek. I hate that car. HATE. HATE. And I hate the people who bought it because it says to Pontiac, "See? A few people think we made a good car." Nope. They're stupid. And all offense in the world is intended. Go trade in your Aztek right now before it becomes crappier. Or lock it in a garage somewhere and hang on to it cuz those are going to be rare, and the unsold ones will be recycled. I think it's just the culmination for Pontiac, which sucks, sorry Firebird owners, and for SUVs, some are okay, but they all need to be more fuel efficient or have diesel engines. But the Aztek is 100% what is wrong with carmakers today. So I guess that's my hate post. I hate other stuff, not alot though cuz love stuff is more fun and you have a higher chance of seeing love stuff and propelling yourself into a good mood.

I'm at work. We're going home (mine) for Christmas. Not going to tell you when. Don't trust cyber burgalers. Not that you are, but you never know. I am pretty liberal with personal info around here, so I don't feel bad withholding that info.

Campus is crazy dead. Most students are home, and the ones still here aren't on campus. Grad students are here though. Like it's their job. And the Indian and Chinese grad students? A few go home, the majority stay here and work. Not alot but they do work, reduced hours. And I'm gonna work pretty regular hours this week, but next week I'll only be in for a few hours each day, or maybe 2-3 full days and 2 off. Don't know, but Joan still has to work, so that sucks.

We finally cleaned the house this weekend. It's so sparkly, but we have to keep it clean cuz it's so nice coming home to a nice clean house instead of the pig sty that you have to clean.

REI is having their scratch and dent sale on Jan. 2. I'm all over that. I love REI, and yes I'm a member. And I used my dividend of $2.25 yesterday. I bought some webbing and some Lexan silverware, both for camping. Joan picked out a really nice Columbia jacket. $280. Yowza, glad we didn't buy that, but we'll be looking for a jacket for her on the 2nd, and various other camping stuff. Bag for her and maybe me. Pack for her. Gloves for me. Gonna look at kayaks longingly. Maybe climbing shoes. Maybe water filter. I love REI. Alot. I should look into getting an REI visa card. I'm putting alot of hope into this sale. Hopefully it'll cover all outdoor purchases for at least the next year. Oh, and maybe a tent, 3 season-backpacking or maybe a carcamping tent (big and heavy).

Enjoy the last few days before all that wrapping, ribbons, and bows go flying.

And did you know that Hannukah was from the 8th till the 15th? I had no idea. I need some Jewish friends.


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