Friday, December 17, 2004


Don't watch From Dusk Till Dawn

Seriously. And don't watch Duplex either. Both movies, awesome cast, but crappy script and poor stories kill both movies.

As much as I say I work on the weekends, I don't mind it. Not even a little. Why? Because I took this afternoon off. Had a meeting at 12:30 until 2:00 then went home, made love, and watched the title movie while Joan slept next to me in her birthday suit. I love naked.

I've never done a "hate" post. And won't now. I have a test that I shouldn't have to take to study for. And it's at 9 am tomorrow. So maybe I'll do my hate post after that. But I think it'll counteract alot of "good cheer" and all that holiday stuff. Gotta keep the universe in balance.

So enjoy your weekend and if you have a moment or two, consider this woman's halloween costume:


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