Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Business up front, party in the back

I got an ominous orange envelope in the mail yesterday, which was coincidentally made by 3M, possibly a future employer so I took it as a good evil omen. Inside was the specialist of special. A CD straight from Carrboro Fair and The Evil One.

Sid sent me a CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's excellent I must say. So far I've only gotten up to track 12, but have been thoroughly impressed so far. I knew of Sid's musical tastes but she knew nothing of mine and it worked out beautifully. And once I saw that Elvis Costello, The Pixies and The Cure were on the CD any fears were immediately aleviated. It even came with a very awesome CD label on it. Full color. If you haven't done so yet, order one from the Evil One and you will not be dissappointed. But you really should give her a couple bucks for materials. And to the RIAA, this CD has expanded my horizons and now will promptly go out and purchase an Interpol CD and many others, so fuck off! You too Lars.

So picked up my only exam yesterday. Take home and it's due on Saturday, but I feel like finishing it today or tomorrow cuz I don't want that crap looming over me all week.

Shit, almost forgot. I'm now part of the Tivo club! For those who don't know or are suspicious of technology, it's basically a digital VCR and also gives you the ability to listen in surround sound, if you're so inclined. But I watched Futurama this morning instead of the Today show, and must say that I will not go back to Matt, Al, or Katie, well maybe Katie.

But before I got it working I had to play Bellsouth repairman. And if anyone knows anything about telephone lines or knows someone who does, please help. I got the phone in the bedroom working but the 3 other phone jacks don't work, at all, no sound, nothing. And I don't want to call those jerks at the phone company but probably will eventually since right now we have a phone line running from the bedroom to the living room in the middle of the floor. But a temporary solution is still a solution! Or something.

Saw these on CNN.com and thought I would share.

  • Women impaled through neck survives

  • My favorite part is: "Talk about having an angel as a co-pilot," Fire Chief J.R. Rosencrans said. "On her rearview mirror she had a picture of the Madonna. You can tell she is a religious person."
    So according to ol' J.R. if I have a Madonna airfreshener I will be immune to metal poles.

  • Kit to allow traveling Americans to pose as Canadians

  • "And in all cases, the guide advises: "If your vacation is to be stress free, leave those heavy politics behind and travel with a light heart and quick wit, Canadian style."
    Not a bad idea, but how many Canadians have you seen with all that crap on? Seems like a pretty transparent disguise.


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