Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Almost there, almost there!

That's a quote for all the nerds out there. In the movie it's followed by "I can't hold it" then an explosion. Very compelling scene. And I still haven't seen these movies on DVD. Don't ask me why.

Christmas was nice. Family, food, driving, presents. And all of it almost ruined by one bad decision on my part on the drive home. Went to pass a truck on a 2 lane, he sped up and I stupidly decided that I was still going to pass him. Was going fast enough into the turn that the car oversteered a bit, and if I had overcorrected, this post would be from a hospital bed or the morgue. But that was my stupid decision of the week and my new year's resolution is to tone down the aggressive driving. It serves very little purpose and only endangers others and myself. But damn it's fun. So I'm going to calm down some and dream of the day that I have a real car and a track day at a local race track and can really let loose. And if I lose it, I slide into gravel and maybe some tires instead of trees and maybe a Ford F250.

I would really like to do away with Christmas presents. Wouldn't it be make more financial sense to spread the gifts out throughout the year? Or I think the other way around it is to make your presents. Either wreaths or cookies, but things of that nature. It would definitely make Poor Target Employee E-Lo's life easier. So next year it's all homemade presents. Or mostly homemade presents. I just need to find some sugarfree stuff for my diabetic grandfather. Bama says that his health has really deteriorated recently and all he does now is sleep, watch TV and listen to the radio. They both used to read alot but their eyesight is so bad that they don't really do that anymore. Aging is a cruel mistress.

Had a good day off today. Gonna help a friend put some new springs on his WRX tomorrow. It'll be good experience as I'm gonna do it to my car once I sell my Ebay stuff. And Smoove, I'll have that stuff up tomorrow, but you have first crack at that Leicaflex once I figure out exactly what kind it is.


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