Wednesday, November 24, 2004



Just read Catt's post yesterday about her son getting sucker punched and now has to go to court to get some justice because the school system is basically full of pansies who are too scared of parents and lawsuits to keep order in their schools.

And the same thing happened to Trash Jr. a few weeks ago. So it isn't just Virginia or Texas schools, but all over I imagine. And the Princess of Power posted on how a friend of hers was hit by a stray bullet fired in their school cafeteria and that was in '93, so it isn't just now.

School vouchers isn't a bad idea, but we shouldn't have to send our kids away from public schools. Public schools are funded, mostly under-, by the state, local, and federal government. But you don't just learn about books and trees and Macbeth. School is the first time that you really interact with society on your own. Other than that it's everywhere with your parents and hanging out on your street with your friends. So school is like the training for the real world. And in the real world there are consequences for your actions. If I did what random shithead did to Catt's son, I would be charged with at least assault and pay a fine and maybe spend some time in jail. Not suspended and get to sleep in and then wake up, watch TV, then play video games, eat lunch, more video games, nap, TV, video games, dinner, video games, sleep. And then go back to school the next day feeling refreshed and thinking to myself, "Shit, I should do that more often, that was GREAT!"

And big props to the two guys who ran down those little punks, I would've done the same thing. You can't do that and you need to be punished.

On a related topic, I have been occasionally catching Nanny 911 on Fox. It's not a good show. It reminds me of Iron Chef on FoodTV where chefs come and challenge an Iron Chef. It's kind of like Iron Nanny. There is a group of about 4 nannys, all complete with British accent of course, and they review a tape of the hellraising children and then pick a certain nanny to get these kids to behave in a week. Whatever, at least it's sort of a new idea for "reality" TV.

But the recurring theme I have noticed throughout the show is that the kids really aren't bad at all, the PARENTS are the ones who receive the most instruction. They are bad parents. And the kids learn to behave in a week. One week. The parents have had these same kids for years and they're insane. Bad parents, bad!

So maybe we need to bring parenting back into schools.


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