Tuesday, November 23, 2004


So close I can taste the tryptophan

Mmmmmmm, tryptophan. Yep that's the magical substance in turkey that makes your dad and grandpa pass out while watching the Cowboys game. But you all knew that.

If you hadn't notice sometimes I state the obvious. My friends called me Capt. Obvious for about 2 days. Glad that didn't catch on. I'm still just MK. That's missionary kid. Still not sure what we're doing for Thurs. Joan and I are staying here, but her manager from Publix invited us to her place to eat dinner with her and her mom. Sounds okay, and it's easier to make food for 4 than 2. Just gimme some wine, excellent food and some good company and a soft couch for the post meal digesting and I'm one happy little clam. Happy as a clam, that's weird and you know some ocean crazed ship captain came up with that, "Arrrr, look at dat clam, he's so happy. Wish I was happy as a clam, (downtrodden) arrrr." Okay so he was a pirate captain. Quickie Tuesday post and now to share a few things that I encountered on my voyages through the electronic ether.

Ever seen SuperSize Me? Well this guy is doing it cuz a friend bet him a grand that he couldn't drink Pepsi Spice, and only Pepsi Spice, for 45 days straight. Gross, and he didn't even taste it before he said yes. He can eat normally but the only liquid he is allowed to consume is Pepsi Spice with up to 6 ice cubes per 12 oz. So far he's gained about 13 pounds. And it's only been a week. And his urine is red and his poo, liquified eeeewwwwwwww, is also red, both presumably caused by the dye in the beverage. Whatever, but he's got a website and a blog. Enjoy, but not for the weak stomached.
  • Main Pepsi Spice site

  • Pepsi Spice Blog

  • And I just read on CNN.com how that Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich sold for $28,000. Whaaa? Sure it didn't grow mold on it for 10 years, but I'm sure we could find a preservative to do that. Anyone wanna go into the religious food novelty business? Or have any Jesus shaped animal crackers laying around?

    Also saw how a group of dolphins herded up a group of swimmers to protect them from sharks in New Zealand. Wow. That's amazing. But the day when the dolphins realize that it is us that has been polluting the oceans, they're gonna be pissed and that Simpsons episode might come to pass and we would have to live in the ocean.

    And anyone in the southern regions, is it warm there too? It's been highs in the lower 60s all week. And it's November 23. Crazy ass weather.


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