Saturday, November 27, 2004


S A T U R D A Y Night!

So I'm at work on Sat. night. Joan is too. But tomorrow is nothing but a little house cleaning and cuddling under our warm blanket.

This will be short. But I went to the mall late on Fri. so it was more like a really busy day than Black Friday, but still got lots of pics. I will regale you with my tales and pics either tomorrow or Monday.

I have a test on Monday night. I shouldn't have to take it. I need .5 points to pass my qualifying tests and become a real doctoral candidate. I took a test which I'm fairly certain that I got at least 1/2 points on about a month ago BUT since the person who gave it hasn't graded it yet, I get to take another one because I'm not 100% certain that I got my half point. Jerk.

Until then.


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