Monday, November 29, 2004


Mmmmm, so much turkey

First things first. So Joan said to me, after I told her what Slothy and Snopes said about tryptophan, that why would that do it? It's one of the 19 essential amino acids and it's probably in lots of food too. Science chicks are so sexy. So I thought about it, then snopesd it. And I stand corrected. I apologize for perpetuating the myth of tryptophan and sleepy turkey. It's those damn carbs again. Same thing with a chinese buffet.

Had an excellent relaxing holiday. Did dishes constantly. Not eating out creates lots of dishes. Scored an excellent turkey dinner for $20 from Publix cuz someone ordered it and never picked it up, so I got me about 4 pounds of turkey leftovers. I know you're jealous, but I'll send you a sandwich. Maybe Regan (ESC) has some leftover turkey recipes.

And I have a test tonight. No I shouldn't be taking it, but it's okay. I'm not bitter. I swear.

The pics below are from the trip Joan and I took to NYC/Long Island for a wedding in May. They're just to appease you until I get my Black Friday pics up, which will happen tonight, I promise.

And I have some great tips for guerilla photography. I used the "I'm holding my camera at my side and not taking pictures" trick. I would even look away while taking pictures. Awesome. I think only 4 people noticed I had a camera, and maybe one of those realized I was taking pictures. Suckers. Got some good pics, got lots of crappy ones. FYI, holding a camera at your side is great for taking ass pics (ewwwww, ass picks). It's an ass level camera. But I deleted most of those. I would've kept some great asses, but alas there were none.

I wouldn't suggest using this method with a 35mm camera. You'd waste a shitload of film. I took around 300 pictures and I'd say 80% are completely worthless, either blurry, assy or stupid.

So the pictures will be coming forthwith. Yes that's a word.


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