Thursday, November 18, 2004


Indecision Thurs.

I still have that "I have weird facial hair" post coming. And I was going to do a post today inspired by the worst bumper sticker in the world about hate-mongering but I don't want to do that today. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I choose the randomness of religion. Joan and I both feel that religion is fairly random. Let me explain.

I was born into a Southern Baptist family and raised as such. Some of my friends were also raised in Protestant homes. And some of these friends are just as crazy as the other Southern Baptist people. The ones that everyone loves to hate for being narrow-minded. Yep, those. So we don't really discuss religion with those friends. Mostly because he is the moodiest male I know and I think it would upset him too much. Yeah, I just said that. He's REALLY moody.

But eventually down the line I came to the conclusion that religion is based primarily on what religion your parents are. Unless you have extremely open-minded parents who presented you with the basics of all religions and let you decide which one you wanted to follow, if any, then your "choice" in which religion to follow was pretty much set. But the image of two parents teaching their 7 yr. old about world religions and then saying Choose! is an entertaining one.

So a couple of my friends are "hardcore" Christians, meaning that they think that believing in God is the ONLY way to get into heaven, which is what they were taught and never questioned it. BUT if those same friends were raised in an Islamic household then they would believe that following the teachings of the Koran to reach, crap I forgot what Muslims believe happens after death, but they would follow the Koran. And they would most likely believe that all other religions are "wrong".

Personally I think that Buddhism should catch on. You never hear about Buddhists bombing abortion clinics or murdering Dutch filmmakers, "Christians" and "Muslims" respectively.

But please let me know if you hear of any militant Buddhists. Try and keep an open mind people. It's the only way we're all going to get along.


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