Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Hey, down here

I'm leaving up my "ask me a question" post for a couple days. Not everyone is a daily visitor to Crazy Lawsuit Game like myself and a few others.

I want to take a quick quiz. Do any of you have any pencil marks or any other school related body modifications? Both Joan and I have pencil lead marks on our bodies. Mine is between my thumb and wrist on my right hand and Joan's is above her right eye but below her eyebrow. Both were accidental, I was walking by a guy's desk and he was flailing his arms about and Poke! I got jabbed. With Joan she was jumping or something and someone had a pencil in their hand and Jab! She got poked. And now we both have permanent marks on our bodies. Battle scars if you will.

But I was just wondering if we're freaks, very likely, or if this is a common ocurrence in school yards everywhere. Joan also has a tattoo, a small butterfly above her waist over her right ass cheek. And those are the only body modifications in my household. But I want to get something done, but I can't decide what and I really want it to mean something. Not hey I have a tattoo. Also I know that I will be hooked on it, and I can't afford another hobby/lifestyle right now.

So I was walking out of class last night at oh, 7:20 pm, and I hear SQUEAL! SCRAPE! What the devil was that? I look to my left and a car is sitting sideways in the right lane. What the hell is that guy doing? He's the worst showoff ever. So I notice the car isn't moving and he's walking around it. Hmmmm, I got nothing better to do, I'll go investigate. I am a curious fellow. So the right side of his car is fine, nothing wrong at all. I get to the left side of his car and his left tire is perpindicular to his car. Yuh huh, it's jutting out sideways. Uh, I think your car's broke. So I go inside and get the number to a nice local tow truck guy who has given me a tow before and is only $30-$40 as opposed to $70-$100. So we're talking, just chit chat, he's a mechanical engineer undergrad from NY, but his 'rents just moved to ATL and now they're moving to St. Pete near Tampa in FL. And actually the same thing happen to his brother. Huh. Then the tow truck guy gets there and looks at it, says the lower ball joint came off and that when he was backing up he should've heard a clicking sound. He said that he did but that his old crappy Oldsmobile made so many sounds that it was hard to distinguish the bad ones. But imagine if that would've happened on the interstate? I'm fairly certain Clemson would be one undergrad short. Lucky he was on campus doing 20 mph.

Moral of the story is if you hear a clicking sound when you're backing up, might wanna have that checked out. And don't take the interstate to the shop.


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