Monday, November 22, 2004


Greece Monkey

Look out! Homonym!

So we got to play mechanic this weekend with a friend's car. It's a black '04 Subaru WRX, turbocharged all wheel drive, great car. A turbo system basically routes the engine exhaust into one side of the turbo, the turbo spins and compresses air, and shoots this air into the engine which makes more power. We were replacing the up-pipe, which takes the exhaust from the engine up to the turbo. The stock piece has a pre catalyst in it and the new one does not, so it's less restrictive and that equals more power. Don't worry, there are still 3 catalysts left in the exhaust so it is still a relatively clean car.

We went over and started working on it at 10:30 am on Saturday. It was all going okay and then we ran into some problems putting some pipes back on, but we got through that and cranked her up and she was pumping oil onto the driveway. Fuck. And this is about 9 pm with a couple hours in there for meals and breaks. So we crawl down underneath her and see that a hose is disconnected. Hmmm, we figure it's the oil return line from the turbo cuz the turbo needs oil too. So we break until Sunday and he calls me at 9 am. Bleh early need sleepy, but the car gods wake my ass up and so I go over and help put that hose back on and we're done smoking a joint by 11:30 am. And the WRX sounds much better and it feels faster but I hadn't ridden in it previous to this install, so I can't be 100%.

So I went home, showered, Joan had just gotten out and said that she considered waiting for me but didn't. Oh well, her loss. We enjoy taking showers together. Don't know why, but I like it. So get cleaned up and head to the Olive Garden for lunch. The host gets our drinks, some other dude takes our order and finally 20 minutes later we see our waitress with our salad. Then she's gone for another 15 minutes. So we ask to see the manager and we score a free meal! Suckers! But I tipped her 10 bucks for the trouble. Then get home and watch The Day After Tomorrow. Typical disaster movie but with all of natural disasters, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.. And who the hell would be a paleoclimatologist. I like dinosaurs but dinosaur weather patterns? That's hardcore.

Nice relaxing weekend before Thanksgiving. Joan and I aren't doing anything. She has to test water on Black Friday and I was gonna go home to the Ham from Thurs. till Sat. but I DESPISE T'giving traffic. I think getting rear-ended (hehehe) by a minivan two years ago on my way home soured me on Turkey traffic. But we'll be going home for Christmas to see the fam. Joan hasn't even met my dad's family yet. So enjoy your short week, and be thankful that you don't have to work on Thurs.

And I'm addicted to shopping on Black Friday. See, I'm a patient person. I'm especially patient when I see people REALLY impatient around me. Cuz it's like a show. Just for me. I'm in line/in the store and I don't really care. I'm not Christmas shopping. I'm actually there to watch you, and if I see a great deal, I might wait in line. But sometimes that $5 food processor I don't need isn't worth waiting 45 minutes. We'll visit this topic closer to DAT (Day After Thanksgiving) day.


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