Friday, November 19, 2004


All your questions will be answered

John: Tastes great or less filling?
Well, I would have to say tastes great. Who cares if you can have lots of the less filling stuff if it's crappy? So I want it to taste great. Interpret however you desire.

Catt: If you had an endless supply of money, what would you do? And what motivates me in school, what I plan to do with my degree, and if I could design the perfect class to take or teach, what would it be?

Money: I would donate money to Greenpeace and the WWF, not wrestling, and probably travel to Africa and help Jane Goodall for a little with those cute little chimps. Then go up to Sudan and see if I can stop the genocide somehow. Donate some money to Nelson Mandela and his AIDS campaign in South Africa. I would set my family up with whatever they wanted. Then I would buy my island in the sun. Look into becoming my own country, then start setting up my motorsports park. BMX, motocross, rally, open wheel racing, drifting. Gasoline powered craziness. And some people are invited. I would have a few houses spread around. I would travel, alot. Donate money to the Humane Society. Read. Drive. Sleep. Sex. That would pretty much be my day. And blog.

School: What motivates me? Curiosity, endless pursuit of knowledge, and wanting to make a decent living to support my family. I never want to stop learning, whether in school or reading or seminars or talking to people in the street, you will never know even a portion of everything. I am a lifetime student.

Degree: Work in the industry for a large chemical company for 10-15 years then "retire" and teach somewhere. Don't know where, but Joan wants it to be somewhere with a good football team. We'll see. That's the short ans sweet answer and it's fairly accurate but by no means set in stone.

Perfect class: It would be one with lots of class discussions where I felt people actually learned something. And a field trip or two would be awesome. Either taking or teaching. I'll think about this one and get more specific later.

Vader: Favorite kind of car? Hmmmm, that's a tough one to ask car people. Like Transformers, hehehe. But right now, limitless money, I would have to say a World Rally Championship Subaru Impreza. They're about 300 grand if you can get your name on the list at Prodrive in England. But actual car I had to buy? I love Minis. They're so cute and mean. The Mini Cooper S Works would be wicked. Or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, those are nice, but without that wing on the back. Yes I could keep answering this question, but I'll stop now.

Sid: How evil am I? Well, I think my evil rating was about accurate. I'm a little over a quarter evil. So evil enough to be a minion of evil, but not evil enough to have minions.

Socks: Hmmm. Pom pom socks are a little annoying, but are okay if you're under 11 yrs. of age. Toe socks. I've been considering this ever since I first saw them in the 7th grade. Someone wore them for our Halloween day at school, so they've always struck me as odd. But added bonus, you can wear sandals with them and really freak it out.

Feet: Nope, my feet are warm, but they do freeze very quickly. I love me some thick wool winter socks. Great for hiking or for sitting in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Princess of POWER!: Favorite song of all time: Bleh. I can't answer that question. I listen to way too much music to narrow it down to one song. But here's a list of some excellent ones: Vivaldi-Autumn, Spring is good too, so happy and vibrant, Bush-Glycerine, No Doubt-Don't speak, Aqua-Barbie Girl (Pfffffft, bwahahahaha), Hendrix-All along the watch tower, Doors-People are strange, Stones-Paint it black, and I had this tape of irish drinking songs recorded in a bar with actual drunk people, those songs were amazing, but of course I lost the tape.

Ang: If you had a superpower, what would it be? I've always been partial to mind control, so I choose that, but if that's taken, then either Mystique's shape shifting or invisibility. And yes I'm sure that says something about me, but I don't care.

Person: If I could be any other person, who would I be? Maybe John Kennedy, but I would go NOWHERE near Texas in November. I would really be interested to see what that did with history. Henry XIV lived pretty well, and I wouldn't mind telling French people what to do all day. Maybe Shaq, but that would be just to see what it's like being black and 7 feet tall. No I choose Denzel if I wanted to be black. Not that you asked that question.

Career: I've always wanted to be a writer for a sports car magazine. Get paid to write and drive cars and fix cars. Sounds okay to me. But realistically, I would be a pharmacist. The pharmaceutical industry is exploding and it would be easier to monitor them from the inside. And they get paid ass loads to count things.

Hope you have all enjoyed my answers and maybe learned something about me, or are just as confused as ever. But this was fun, and we should do it again sometime.


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